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About us

Partnering with you to help you achieve your goals

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We deliver enterprise-quality projects at flexible SMB prices. 

Based in Toronto ON, our team of local resources works hand in glove with our customers from project ideation to deployment and beyond. We work as trusted partners and provide industry knowledge and best practices to help optimize and grow your business on Salesforce.

Let us take care of your systems and processes, so you can focus on growing your business.


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Dream. Build. Celebrate.

These three fundamental principles shape our approach to delivering results for your business.


Dream as a core value represents our courage to pursue grand ambitions and the determination to achieve them. It highlights our commitment to innovative and visionary business solutions, crafted in close collaboration with you. We also envision a better world and actively support this through our 1% Pledge commitment.


A dream is nothing without hard work. Our goal is to build high-performing platforms for your business, driven by a commitment to continuous improvement and learning. This dedication enhances our skills and services within the Salesforce ecosystem, enabling our businesses to grow together.


Our culture deeply values recognizing and celebrating achievements, both small goals and major milestones alike, as they reflect our collective efforts and successes. Just like clicking off a closed win, there’s never a shortage of confetti to celebrate these moments

Our Team

Terrance Li

Co-Founder & CEO

Terrance is the CEO of Auventa, bringing over a decade of technology expertise, with a special focus on the Salesforce ecosystem. His tenure as a Consultative Sales Executive at Salesforce and LinkedIn has equipped him with deep insights in implementing cross-cloud solutions and leveraging SaaS technologies to help businesses grow.

A proud father, Double Star Ranger and 3x Salesforce certified professional, Terrance is an expert Sales Cloud user, helping drive digital transformation for businesses through Salesforce solutions.

In his spare time, Terrance enjoys spending time with his family and hitting hard slices on the golf course.

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Glendon Kum-Seun

Co-Founder & Head of Delivery

Glendon is the Head of Delivery at Auventa and has a passion for digital transformations and helping customers succeed with Salesforce. With over 6 years working in the ecosystem, Glendon has completed over 5000 hours of implementation experience in Financial Services Cloud (FSC) and Sales Cloud.

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Tommy Ngo

Co-Founder & CCO

Tommy is the Chief Customer Officer with over 10 years of experience scaling businesses with a passion for ensuring all customers are successful. Prior to Auventa, Tommy helped scale a series A SaaS and Fin-Tech start up with notch Financial as their Sr. Director of Customer Experience and General Manager.

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Steven Wu

BA & Salesforce Admin

Steven is a 3x Salesforce Certified BA and Salesforce Admin at Auventa assisting with implementations and back-end operations. Prior to Auventa, Steven has 10 years of experiences working within the Recruitment space working both on the agency side and in the SaaS and Fin-Tech start-up world.

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DEI and Equality

At Auventa, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are foundational to our corporate ethos. We believe in cultivating an environment where diverse perspectives are celebrated, equitable opportunities abound, and every team member feels valued and supported. Our commitment to DEI drives us to dismantle barriers for underrepresented groups, promote work-life balance, and ensure equal success opportunities for our global workforce. We recognize that achieving a truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace is an ongoing journey, requiring continuous effort and dedication.

DEI isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s essential for our collective success. By championing diversity and fostering an inclusive environment, we unlock creativity, solve complex problems, and drive innovation. We invite you to join us as we pave the way towards a future where everyone, regardless of background, can thrive and contribute to our shared success.


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